56 Years Old Woman, Thread Lift


I had the U shape of the face . At first I decided to do Botox, but the doctor said it’s not on point because my face looks sagging of skin not from bone so I changed to do thread lift. I did under general anesthesia, but it still had a little bit pain but can endure . And for the result, I thought around 2weeks actually first day will see that its lifter but not clearly from swelling.

Thread Lift Eliminated my Nasolabial Folds


 Thread lift procedure was always a big question for me. I always felt that the results wouldn’t be that much or it would be painful and weird.
I finally decided to try it.The treatment is fun. The good thing about it is that, after applying local anesthetics you won’t feel any pain.
My doctor inserted the threads in about 30 minutes and my face changed beautifully. She gave me a mirror and asked me about the extent of the lift and if it was what I wanted. When I looked into the mirror, I felt awesome. I almost cried (Image attached).
I always thought the only option I had was surgery but it is not true. I think the thread lift is the only non surgical way of tightening the skin and getting rid of your Nasolabials and Marionettes.I will definitely go back for my neck and jowls.

Amazing Thread Lift


I became a patient of the Precision Skin Institute in May 2017, one month after my 40th birthday.  I scheduled an appointment for a PDO thread lift, filler, and neurotoxin. I had an 8 point lift to restore the "V" shape to my face. The before and after are taken the SAME day. Yes the lighting is different, but the results are 100% authentic and amazing. The thread lift restored my cheeks to their point of origin giving me back the chiseled look I had in my 20s. Filler in my lips and neurotoxin in my forehead are part of my regular maintenance. No downtime. I went to work immediately after my procedures. No bruising, no pain.

44 Years Old Mom of Two Boys Four and Two


 I had babies at 40 and 42! I had gained and lost a lot of weight in the past 5 years and I just wanted to not look super old when the kids hit kindergarten ? Actually, my sister who is seven years younger than me said "you better do it - don't be scared you don't want to look like a grandma when the boys friends come over in their I kinda nervously went in. I also didn't feel any pain just pressure. It's done with local anesthetic and some sedation and the no real down time! What? Yes it's true. You'll need a consultantation and some antibiotics afterwards but that's was it. The best part is it's an instant lift! It's totally going to be the new wave of lifting. No more cut and pull over sagging muscles! The threads actually self dissolve but not before stimulating your own collegen into overdrive so this procedure keeps getting better with time!

Thread Lift by Face Lift Technique Experience with Plastic Surgeon


 I had a lot of review on how to lifting face without surgery and I found 2 things; Ulthera and Thread Lift. I choose thread lift .
The result was very good and it's just a bit pain.

59 Years old


Six days healing, no pain afterward but i would be lieing if I said it didn't hurt at all during the placement however it was not unbearable. I'd recommend this sweet refresher procedure but you need to understand that the threads have cones that open when the threads are pulled back after placement. Those cones opening cause collagen growth bringing enrichment to your skin. The difference takes from 4-6 months to be noticeable but the threads pulled back gives the face a beautiful lift in the meantime.

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